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November 03 2009

November 01 2009

October 28 2009

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October 26 2009

Critical vulnerabilities in Czech/Slovak Mifare Classic cards

We have analysed Czech/Slovak most used public transport and access smart cards (Bratislava public transport card, University/ISIC cards, parking cards, Slovak Lines cards etc) based on Mifare Classic technology.
Using various technologies and thanks to public available academical papers, we have demonstrated the possibility of gaining all access keys used for the card content encryption.
We have also verified that these keys can be subsequently used for complete reading, altering and cloning the cards that can pose a serious threat for affected transport companies.
We have also estimated costs of effective attacks and proposed appropriate effective countermeasures from the most secure ones (replacement of all vulnerable cards) to less secure ones (bind card's UID with passenger, UID whitelisting, digital signing, "decrement counter" solution).

For the demonstration of the seriousness of these vulnerabilities we have implemented and released our own implementation of "offline nested" attack that can be used for offline cracking of all keys for all sectors without valid RFID reader.

Technical presentation (PDF)
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October 23 2009

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YouTube - Monkey Island 2 in 3D using Cryengine
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10/GUI on Vimeo
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YouTube - Robust Aerial Navigation in GPS-Denied Enivronments
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October 21 2009

IntelliJ IDEA Open Sourced

I believe you’ll like this announcement — IntelliJ IDEA has just gone open-source! Check out the press release as well as the new community site for the details. We all will soon get a lot of new friends and colleagues in our IntelliJ IDEA community!

Starting with the upcoming version 9.0, IntelliJ IDEA will be offered in two editions: Community Edition and Ultimate Edition. The Community Edition focuses on Java SE technologies, Groovy and Scala development. It’s free of charge and open-sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. The Ultimate edition with full Java EE technology stack remains our standard commercial offering. See the feature comparison matrix for the differences.

Briefly, in the free Community Edition you’ll get all the Java code support — various refactorings and code inspections, coding assistance; debugging, TestNG and JUnit testing; CVS, Subversion and Git support; Ant and Maven build integration; and Groovy and Scala support (through a separate plugin). To learn more and download the Public Preview of IntelliJ IDEA 9 Community Edition, please visit the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition site.

The IntelliJ platform, the common foundation for all our IDEs (IDEA, RubyMine, WebIDE or MPS), is being open-sourced under the APL 2.0, too.

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October 01 2009

September 29 2009

September 26 2009

Moserware: A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Xkcd-like description of Advanced Encryption Standard.

Highly recommended
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September 16 2009

September 06 2009

July 26 2009

About bacteria solving NP-complete problems

I post reaction to this article here.

This is not that important as it sounds. It would not be able to solve NP-complete problems for large inputs, because it enumerates all possibilities in DNA combinations. This has actually been done before with pure DNA and their manipulation (now they use bacteria for color-marking and thus selection of the right solution's DNA sequence).

Anyways, this does not scale well, having only a few hundred cities would require DNA, that would weight cca the mass of our earth.

So this result is nice from the point of genetic manipulation, I like that they contribute to the "standard biological components database", but it has no direct implication for computational complexity.
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July 08 2009

There is a new version of the SunRay Server Software in the early access phase: Sun Ray Software 5 and Sun Ray Soft Client 1.0 Early Access 1 (EA1). There is especially one interesting new feature: A Sun Ray Soft Client for Windows, thus you can use a desktop as a Sun Ray for the time of the migration towards a pure Sun Ray solution.
Sun Ray Server 5.0 Early Access
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June 29 2009

NetBeans 6.7 Final is Here

NetBeans 6.7 is now available for download. The site includes their usual screencasts (see specially the Overview) and Tutorials.

The new features I find most interesting are the Connected Developer and the Build Tool support (including Hudson and Maven). Other features include support for more Dynamic Languages, Java Desktop/Swing and Web and Java EE; bundled JavaEE 6 and JavaFX 1.2 will be in later releases.

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June 28 2009

"Ksplice has started offering Ksplice Uptrack for Ubuntu Jaunty, a free service that delivers rebootless versions of all the latest Ubuntu kernel security updates. It's currently available for both the 32 and 64-bit generic kernel, and they plan to add support for the virtual and server kernels by the end of the month, according to their FAQ. This makes Ubuntu the first OS that doesn't need to be rebooted for security updates. (We covered Ksplice's underlying technology when it was first announced a year ago.)"
Ksplice Offers Rebootless Updates For Ubuntu Systems
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